Infomo Indonesia to launch at MMA Impact Indonesia

Infomo Indonesia will be launched at the MMA Impact Indonesia Build the Future conference in Jakarta on 3 October 2019. The conference will feature keynotes from leading lights in the fast-growing Indonesian mobile marketing industry including Ananda Rao, President and founder of Infomo.

The MMA’s mission is to enable marketers to drive innovation and enduring business value in an increasingly dynamic and mobile-connected world. The interaction between consumers and brands has been forever changed by the revolution that is, mobile – it is closer, personal, powerful and pervasive. Add into the mix the first truly mobile generation and you have a once-in-an-era transformation in the relationship between marketers and their customers.

This marketing and communications insurgency we have all experienced is about to further explode with the future of 5G, AI, and other emerging technologies. AMMA, we believe the best way to thrive —and the only way to survive — is to capture this zeitgeist by aggressively adopting proven, peer-driven and scientific best practices, without compromise. MMA is committed to bringing the right people together to challenge the status quo and provide a path forward.

MMA invest millions of dollars in rigorous research to arm marketers with unassailable truths and actionable tools. At MMA Impact attendees will discover what it takes to capture this zeitgeist by enhancing marketing and mobile efforts to create genuine relationships with consumers to drive future business growth. With a marketer-led agenda, Impact brings together marketers and experts ready to share tangible takeaways and tactical lessons on how to drive business success.