A leading full-service Indian telecoms service provider

A leading full-service Indian telecoms service provider

A leading full-service Indian telecom operator offering pan-India subscribers a comprehensive range of telecommunication services including digital TV, fixed-line, internet, IPTV, and mobile.

The Background

Telecom operators around the world are experiencing challenging times and tightening margins due to the perfect storm of digital disruption and increased competition. All this while fixed costs remain high. Senior management was looking for potential new incremental revenue streams that leveraged existing infrastructure assets and required minimal capital investment.

The telecom operator had developed a mobile app by which offered subscribers many utility services including post-paid bill payment, prepaid top-up, international wi-fi, and several other utility services. Most of its 120M subscribers would utilise this app but promptly remove after usage as it added little value apart from bill payments.

The Solution

The telecom operator partnered with Infomo to conduct a review of the mobile app and make recommendations as to how it could be improved and potentially generate incremental revenue streams.

Accordingly, Infomo reviewed the app and determined, that given its 120M authenticated subscribers, that beyond its basic functions, the app could prove a compelling platform for mobile advertising.

Infomo agreed to partner with the telecoms operator to enhance the mobile app, improve the user experience, enhance campaign targeting utilising first-party data, and add mobile advertising capabilities via its Infomo SDK. Furthermore, Infomo agreed to undertake a joint marketing program to promote the uptake of the mobile app which resulted in some major co-marketing events including keynotes at India Mobile Congress in 2018 and 2019.

The partnership included sourcing campaigns from established agency/brand relationships, delivering many innovative mobile ad units, and campaign management and reporting.

The Outcome

After a redesign of the UI/UX and the integration of the Infomo SDK, the new version of the app was released for general availability in Dec 2018. Since its initial release, and with limited marketing, there have been over 2M downloads of the new app with over 50% of users opting-in to receive ads.

We have managed several specific pilot campaigns which featured full-screen call-to-action ads only presented upon end-of-call events resulting in industry-leading click-through rates (CTR) of <0.7% compared to the Google Delivery Network (GDN) average of >0.35%.

Given the current uptake, this mobile app has the potential to deliver 125M interactive ads per month.

 The Next Steps

Following a post-release business review, it has been mutually agreed that the mobile app is currently not compelling enough to subscribers who continue view it as a bill payment utility with advertising.

Accordingly, we are jointly working on adding compelling value-added content streams (news, tv, music, film, etc.) that will make the app more "sticky" and engaging to the subscriber base.

These value-added content streams will provide a perfect vehicle for a range of innovative advertising units.

This enhanced service will be available to subscribers in H220 with the release of Infomo R3.