A leading Indonesian telecoms service provider

A leading Indonesian telecoms service provider

A leading Indonesian full-service telecoms service provider whose services include cloud, fixed-line, internet, mobile, fixed-line, and wi-fi.

The Background

Over and above their legacy fixed-line and mobile business, this telecoms service provider also operates numerous web and mobile properties with a footprint throughout the nation.

The Solution

The telecom operator partnered with Infomo to monetise both their web and mobile properties. These properties range from wi-fi hot spots through e-commerce sites.

Infomo reviewed each site nominated for monetisation and indicated which would likely be the most compelling for advertisers. We identified the top web site and the top mobile site. We also identified the ad zones in these sites where advertising inventory could be placed to maximise potential revenues.

Upon completing technical due diligence with the telecoms technical teams the appropriate invocation codes were inserted into both the websites and mobile apps. in preparation to accept private advertising campaigns.

The Outcome

Both the effective cost per mille (eCPM) rates and the click-through rates (CTR) exceeded the national norm. The analytics indicate that this was due primarily to publisher targeting and the selection of innovative and compelling ad units.

 The Next Steps

The COVID pandemic has impacted progress to next steps. However, the plan is to migrate the telecoms to Infomo R3, that supports both private and programmatic campaigns across both web & mobile platforms and then further monetise a broader range of digital properties.