A campaign to boost movie-going attendence in a declining market

A campaign to boost movie-going attendence in a declining market

The brief was to conduct a web campaign, utilising pre-existing creatives, to increase visitors to the clients' website where forthcoming movies are listed and promoted.

The Background

The client operates the largest national cinema chain in Indonesia with over 1900 distinct properties. Due to increasing competition from streaming services and the consumer trend to consuming content on their digital devices the client has experienced a downturn in ticket sales preceded by fewer web site visitors.

The client determined to address this downturn in two ways: drive more traffic to a compelling website; and enhance the quality of the theatre experience.

The Campaign

Infomo was engaged to drive more traffic to the newly developed website via a special promotion for 'Angel has Fallen' with integrated online ticket sales.

Infomo adapted a 2-min 35-second movie trailer into a 15-second video ad for the campaign.

The Campaign Performance

The initial campaign duration was ten days with a KPI of 5,000 clicks. The KPI's were met well within the campaign window attaining 377,410 impressions (awareness) and 5,530 clicks (action) with an outstanding 1.4% click-through rate (CTR).

The Outcome

The campaign was considered highly successful by the client who is planning to conduct further movie-specific campaigns in the future.