A campaign to promote online loan applications for a leading bank

A campaign to promote online loan applications for a leading bank

The brief was to conduct a web campaign, utilising agency creatives, to promote online loans for the poorly served small-medium businesses during the COVID pandemic.

The Background

This leading Indonesian bank with branches across the country wished to expand its online personal loan portfolio for small businesses to extend its customer base and minimise loan processing costs.

The Campaign

Infomo was engaged to work with the client and the agency to execute a campaign that could be delivered to a tightly targeted audience on both web & mobile devices re-purposing the original campaign banner.

The Performance

The initial campaign duration was ten days with a KPI of 2,000 clicks. The KPI's were met well within the campaign window attaining 284,733 impressions (awareness) and 2,301 clicks (action) with a 0.8% click-through rate (CTR) far exceeding a 0.35% CTR previously attained with previous Google Delivery Network (GDN) campaigns.

The Outcome

The campaign duration was 15 days with a KPI of 500 clicks. Considering the simple banner creative the campaign achieved 105,974 eCPM's and 501 clicks with a click-through rate of 0.47%. Considering that previous similar campaigns only achieved a CTR of 0.1% this was considered an enormous success. The bank plans to expand and extend this campaign as the COVID pandemic recedes.